The following video is part of a fictional campaign I created for the fashion brand Monki. As a brand that positions themselves as active feminists, they faced issues concerning credibility (since feminism might come across as a marketing tool nowadays). To increase their authenticity and reposition themselves as a leading feminist brand, I created the campaign "Know your Past to Rule the Future". This campaign aims to educate the audience about feminism by implementing the history of it. By using feminist influencers who each introduce a feminist icon of the past, it becomes clear that the willpower and perseverance of the history should be our inspiration to make a change today.


Script, direction, DOP, editing: Ruby Cruden
Audio engineer: Maxim Paschenko
Sound design: Joveek Murphy @ Everoise Amsterdam
Actresses: Jamila Meischke, Nine Balk, Melissa van Beek
Voice actresses: Maria-Renata Hogenboom, Lotje van den Dungen, Sophie van Hasselt
DOP assistants: Maria-Renata Hogenboom, Denian Stoetman
Illustrator: Bibi King