Ruby C 5.jpg

Image by Sophie van Hasselt

My name is Ruby Cruden, an ambitious and experimental photographer, filmmaker and writer based in Amsterdam. In June 2017, I graduated in International Fashion and Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I like to describe myself as 'abstract', because for me, this is a terrific metaphor for always being in motion, not being defined by a standard shape. I continuously adjust and adapt in order to get the most out of myself and my abilities. 

My strongest skills lie with journalism and visualisation. I have been writing fictional stories since I was a child, this is where my passion for the art of writing originates from. My previous internship at i-D magazine helped me to achieve full understanding of the (online) magazine industry and how to put my skills into practice. In film and photography, I am able to combine my passions writing and (moving) image. As a Director and Director of Photography, I strive to create otherworldly environments with a message that is applicable to today's society. My work has been featured by VICE, i-D Magazine, VPRO, Olaf Hussein, Tony Chocolonely, Dockyard Festival and more.

I am always looking forward for exciting collaborations, freelance jobs or other opportunities. Don't hesitate to get in touch!